Wait! Before You Buy That Pedometer, Consider This…

A Pedometer Only Needs to Be Walked and Will Make You Thinner and HealthierEverything you have heard is true! A pedometer is not much more than a small, lightweight device that counts your steps. They come in many different shapes and colors and some have a few fancy features but basically their ‘job’ is to count your steps. However, this seemingly insignificant device is so much more than a step counter. It is a fitness coach, a motivator and a tool to help you achieve new goals in your overall health.

Tall order, yes? If you purchase a pedometer and become comfortable with the available features of your model, it will pay you back with a longer life and a healthier lifestyle. All you have to do in return is take it out for a walk every day.

All tongue-in-cheek kidding aside, there are variety of pedometer models. Some flip-down and some are open face. Some count calories along with steps, others count distance traveled. Some come with an FM radio receiver, some play MP3s and others calculate your desired length of exercise with your current heart rate – and then change the music based on tempo to keep you moving.

Before choosing your pedometer you want to know what type of exercise routine you’ll be engaging in. Truly the most popular for those just getting back to being fit is a walking program that includes 10000 steps a day to start. After that you’ll be increasing your steps per day so be sure to get a pedometer with a memory of at least 7 days or one that allows you to upload your week’s workouts and walks to your computer via a USB cord. Sound fancy and expensive? These models are certainly fancy but they aren’t expensive. In fact you can find them right here on Pedometers.org for less than $40.

Another feature I love on my pedometer is the calorie burned counter. This usually prevents me from excusing myself of a second portion by telling myself that I walked an extra 200 steps. The numbers just won’t add up and if I’m not careful I’ll end up putting all that weight back on that I worked so hard to lose. The calorie counting pedometer keeps you honest with yourself – no excuses.

A Pedometer Helps You Increase Daily Exercise Levels

Newest pedometer on the market: The Philips ActivaThe vast majority of us detest the thought of exercise – yet we all want to be in better shape. Not exercising regularly can result in weight gain and resulting health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

When you get that feeling that it might be time to start exercising again or regularly you consider the options – perhaps a gym membership, a piece of fitness equipment for the home, or taking up a new physical hobby. Beginning a workout program doesn’t have to be costly or difficult though. In fact, starting a new program is the easy part, sticking to it is where the difficultly arrives.

Overall the easiest way to get more exercise without the expense is to increase your walking. Again, easy to say you’ll do it but without a walking partner or a plan it may all fall by the wayside until your doctor notices health complications due to obesity. Don’t let it get that far! You can do this now and a simple pedometer can be accountability partner – keeping you on track, moving forward and increasing your steps on a daily basis.

A pedometer can be purchased with a variety of different features. Some are designed primarily for the walking or jogging group of fitness-minded people. Others are designed for cardio workouts. A pedometer will come in ranges from the very simple, basic pedometer (a step counter) to the more sophisticated model that has a range of other functions. The most well received ‘extra’ in the world of pedometer upgrades in the last 10 years has been those with the ability to transfer statistics directly to your personal computer through your USB port.

Aside from all the bells and whistles of the more advanced models, a pedometer helps you reach your goal to become more fit and perhaps to lose some weight.

A pedometer is a gadget to help you track the number of steps you take. By targeting a realistic daily step rate you will walk more and as a result increase your fitness and lose weight. Trials have shown that wearing a pedometer is helpful in increasing the number of calories burned. 26 studies, reviewed in the Journal of American Medicine, showed that the use of a pedometer was effective in increasing how much participants walked every day. A typical study concluded that step rates were increased by around 2000 steps compared to participants not using a pedometer. Two thousand steps is roughly equivalent to an extra mile walked each day and a 25% increase in activity. This is a considerable difference and would have a major influence on the participants health and weight.

An important consideration to to remember is to set reasonable goals. Setting a step target every day was shown to have a major effect on the amount of physical activity achieved. Those participants who managed to keep up their target showed a marked increase in activity and benefited more by showing increases in fitness which included a reduction in weight and blood pressure. On the other hand cholesterol and blood sugar levels seem to be unchanged.

The use of a pedometer can be a huge help in increasing the level of physical activity without having to join a gym. By making daily increases in the number of steps you take you will reap the rewards of a healthy weight and improved fitness levels. A simple pedometer is the easy way to monitor these benefits, get yours today.

MP3 Capable Pedometer Review

Philips Activa Workout Monitoring MP3 Player (Act101m/17) – NEW for 2010! I’m really excited about this new-to-the-scene pedometer. Featuring ‘TempoMusic’ which is an automatic analysis of user aerobic intensity to find and match songs on the play list. Keeps you motivated during a workout by shouting feedback and offering encouragement of workout progress while selecting appropriate music to match workout intensity. Track your progress with included software on your PC or MAC (USB).

This popular pedometer has been out of stock regularly but a new shipment is in and the price couldn’t be better. MP3 Pedometer – less than $40.

Oregon Scientific PE829 Talking Pedometer with FM Radio – seemed the most promising when considering the list of features for Music Loving Walkers, but falls short with it’s users. Most common complaints are the difficulty in setup, poorly written instruction manual, and a short battery life.

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software -Top rated since 2007 (USB)

Highgear Fitware FM Radio Pedometer with Watch, Alarm, and Chronograph – Cheap, without a tuner for the radio, inaccurate, discontinued model. 1.5

Highgear Fitware Pedometer – with Heart Rate monitor but not terribly accurate. Somewhat technical to set up and operate. 3.5

Haier ibiza Rhapsody HHH1A-2G Trainer Sport MP3 Player with Pedometer and Heart-Rate Monitor – Heart rate monitor is not ‘hands free’ – not great for spinning, cycling, etc. Small buttons, instruction manual could use improvement, sound quality not great. 3.0

Sportline 375 MP3 Pedometer + FM Radio – No song title display and FM reception is lacking. (USB) Moderately tricky to set up.

Haier ibiza Rhapsody HHS1A-2G Sport MP3 Player with Pedometer – Waterproof, dim screen, random playlist shuffle. 3.0

GSI All-in-One Sport Pedometer/MP3 Player – Counts steps, distance travelled, calories burned. (USB) UNRATED

RCA S2501 Jet Stream Series 1GB Sport MP3 Player with Wireless Headphones – Well loved unit that is currently discontinued. Very few complaints from owners on this one – most of them centered around the headset chargers. Good sound, full color display. 4.0

RCA Jet 4 GB Sports MP3 Player with Video, Music, FM Radio, and Sports Features – discontinued. Technically buggy. Average user rating: 2.5

RCA Jet 1 GB – no pedometer but it does record lap times, running times and gives BMI. Remaining units are deeply discounted likely due to the low user ratings of 2.5 -2.0