Weight Watchers Pedometer: 2010

The Weight Watchers pedometer will count your steps, calculate the miles you’ve traveled and keep track of the time you have spent walking. The unit also has a sensitive stride adjustment feature. Simple to use instructions are included. The handy belt clip has been built right into the pedometer.

This is Weight Watchers’ most accurate pedometer of all time. This new model is now powered by an electronic motion sensor and includes step filter technology. The unit will count your points values and steps, giving you a chance to keep an eye on your progress. As the points bar fills up you can effortlessly walk you way to your next activity POINTS value and reward.

Even better? Get this complete set, especially if you don’t live in a major city or a town where you can always find a Weight Watchers meeting.

Marshall Browning Robic M317 Advanced Pedometer

The Marshall Browning Robic M317 comes packaged in a six pack carrying case. You’ll receive one each of blue, green, purple, red, yellow and orange.

The carrying case has a heavy-duty, spring-loaded clip allowing for a secure attachment to your workout wear. The case is a front facing model with a fold-over protection that has been designed to protect the model and to keep your step count private.

The Marshall Browning Robic M317 displays extra large digits on an over sized LCD screen which makes it easy to read your results and track your progress. Inside, the pedometer is fitted with one of the industry’s best mechanisms which you can adjust for stride sensitivity. This level of control allows for optimum accuracy to ensure you meet your targets.

Features include: step counter, distance traveled, calorie calculation, stop watch.

Best suited for shoppers looking for: accuracy and control.

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