iPhit for the iPhone

Fitness and excellence in health programs are quickly merging with information and technology as you’ll find with iPHIT for the iPod and iPhone.

In 2007 the Ipod Fitness Center launched a new app that allows you to track your fitness goals and progress to an iPhone or iPod touch user. Not only that but you’ll also find that the Ipod Fitness Center functions also as a social networking community. The entire app and community were created as an added function in the iPod plus Nike product merge for enthusiasts. With interaction in the community personal fitness becomes competitive and helpful with added accountability and encouragement to other members.

iPhit (now iFIT) assists you in tracking your walking distance or speed (or jogging and running) while using the personal Nano with the Nike iPod Sensor kit. The Nike sensor in the popular running shoe or trainer is linked to the Nano for tracking purposes. All of that tracked and calculated info is then sent by the iPhit app to your iPhone.ifit

Once on the site you’ll find that the iPhit’s home page displays runs, challenges and goals – the same features available on the Nike website. Monthly targets called PARTIs and perform as personal bench marks to fitness. Through these PARTIS, community members remain challenged and accountable. Almost like a multitude of fitness partners helping each other to meet fitness goals and stay on track with personal goals.

To access the iPhit app from your iPhone or your desktop computer with the Firefox browser. Membership is free at the moment.

You must have an iFIT membership to usethe app. iFIT.com connects you with your fitness equipment through your profile – all managed, in turn, through your iFit dashboard. You can store your exercises, your diet information and weight changes.