MP3 Capable Pedometer Review

Philips Activa Workout Monitoring MP3 Player (Act101m/17) – NEW for 2010! I’m really excited about this new-to-the-scene pedometer. Featuring ‘TempoMusic’ which is an automatic analysis of user aerobic intensity to find and match songs on the play list. Keeps you motivated during a workout by shouting feedback and offering encouragement of workout progress while selecting appropriate music to match workout intensity. Track your progress with included software on your PC or MAC (USB).

This popular pedometer has been out of stock regularly but a new shipment is in and the price couldn’t be better. MP3 Pedometer – less than $40.

Oregon Scientific PE829 Talking Pedometer with FM Radio – seemed the most promising when considering the list of features for Music Loving Walkers, but falls short with it’s users. Most common complaints are the difficulty in setup, poorly written instruction manual, and a short battery life.

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer with Advanced Omron Health Management Software -Top rated since 2007 (USB)

Highgear Fitware FM Radio Pedometer with Watch, Alarm, and Chronograph – Cheap, without a tuner for the radio, inaccurate, discontinued model. 1.5

Highgear Fitware Pedometer – with Heart Rate monitor but not terribly accurate. Somewhat technical to set up and operate. 3.5

Haier ibiza Rhapsody HHH1A-2G Trainer Sport MP3 Player with Pedometer and Heart-Rate Monitor – Heart rate monitor is not ‘hands free’ – not great for spinning, cycling, etc. Small buttons, instruction manual could use improvement, sound quality not great. 3.0

Sportline 375 MP3 Pedometer + FM Radio – No song title display and FM reception is lacking. (USB) Moderately tricky to set up.

Haier ibiza Rhapsody HHS1A-2G Sport MP3 Player with Pedometer – Waterproof, dim screen, random playlist shuffle. 3.0

GSI All-in-One Sport Pedometer/MP3 Player – Counts steps, distance travelled, calories burned. (USB) UNRATED

RCA S2501 Jet Stream Series 1GB Sport MP3 Player with Wireless Headphones – Well loved unit that is currently discontinued. Very few complaints from owners on this one – most of them centered around the headset chargers. Good sound, full color display. 4.0

RCA Jet 4 GB Sports MP3 Player with Video, Music, FM Radio, and Sports Features – discontinued. Technically buggy. Average user rating: 2.5

RCA Jet 1 GB – no pedometer but it does record lap times, running times and gives BMI. Remaining units are deeply discounted likely due to the low user ratings of 2.5 -2.0

Weight Watchers’ Magazine Review on Walking With A Pedometer

Weight Watchers MagazineUPDATE: See the new 2010 Weight Watchers Pedometer here.

In the March/April (2006) issue of Weight Watchers magazine a lot of new and vital information on the importance of walking with a pedometer to help burn more calories, get fit, and lose weight.

Within the Weight Watchers’ issue on Walking with a pedometer you’ll find: “Walk Where You Live”. This article contained valuable tips for walking programs that vary dependant upon your area type, e.g. rural, suburban, or urban areas.

An earlier aticle in the magazine, titled “Every Step Counts” shared some excellent insights:

  • Walking 10,000 steps per day helps you stay healthy while 15,000 will help you lose weight.
  • Walking assists in combatting high blood pressure, heard disease, and stroke.

Walking 10,000-15,000 steps per day is not really as hard as it sounds. Those ‘steps’ include the ones you take around the house, at the office, in your school’s hallways, shopping for groceries, browsing in the mall, and so on. If you need more ideas to increase your daily steps why not start with a pedometer to gauge your average, then try the tips below:

Step 1: Wear your new pedometer for a week and go about your normal routine to obtain an average daily step rate.

Step 2: Assess and make a firm commitment to increase your steps weekly by adding another 10% of your average to the next week’s daily step rate.

That same issue of Weight Watchers offered reviews on specific Pedometer Models. As this article is being editing in 2010 and most of the models have changed I won’t repeat the reviews here but create more updated pedometer model reviews in the coming weeks. Honorable mentions do go to Yamax (Japan), Freestyle (award winning), Accusplit (Taiwan), and Omron.