About Omron Pedometers

There is little doubt that if you’ve heard of a pedometer you’ve also heard of the company name Omron.

Why? Simply because they make some of the best pedometers, with the widest range of features, at some of the industry’s lowest prices.

In a market over-saturated with fitness gadgets, pedometer models and features, Omron has made it’s mark in the industry with the HJ-720ITC, the HJ-122, and the HJ-151 models. While each have a variety of features and a specific ‘look’, once you choose one there is very little chance that you will ever be disappointed with your choice.

The top 3 Omron Pedometers Reviewed

Every Omron pedometer reviewed below carries a one year warranty and is estimated to have an accurate step counter to +/- 5%.

The Omron HJ-720ITC

This model is an advanced pedometer with some unique features. First and foremost it offers a dual axis sensor – this feature is also touted in other models as a ‘pocket’ pedometer. You can carry this unit in your pocket or purse and still count your steps.

Omron’s HJ-720ITC has everything you’ll find in the HJ-112 (reviewed below) but you’ll also get the Omron Health Management Software with your purchase. The software allows you to upload a 6 week/42 day, memory of your workout history which the software then assesses and graphs your current progress. You will be presented with systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate stats as well as suggestions to increase your level of fitness in consecutive weeks. It’s all in the box! The HJ-720ITC pedometer, the software, a usb cord, a security strap, a belt holder, a complete instruction manual, 3 VDC battery and a screwdriver. Who loves this unit besides Pedometers.org? Money Magazine – they rated it the number one pedometer available today.

The Omron HJ-112

Out of Omron’s top three pedometers reviewed here, the HJ-112 is the best seller. With a dual axis sensor (similar to the HJ-720ITC) the HJ-112 accurately measures distance traveled, calories burned, time spent in aerobic exercise and steps taken.

This unit allows a quick review on the LCD screen of 7 days of past workouts so you can review your week’s progress and set higher goals from week to week. The pedometer’s internal clock automatically resets every night at midnight.

The HJ-112 comes with a 3 VDC battery, screwdriver, security strap, belt holder and instruction.

The Omron HJ-151

Less expensive than the two Omron pedometers above is the HJ-151 model. This unit comes only with a single axis, as such it must worn on the waist positioned correctly to ensure an accurate count. Created for the budget-conscious and beginner walker, the unit is still capable of decent accuracy, steps taken, calories counted, and distance traveled. A 7 day history allows you to review the week and increase goals for subsequent weeks. Comes with a belt clip and 3 VCD battery.

Reviews Vary by Model Numbers – Please find the Pedometers.org page for the specific model you are interested in using our search feature.

Features of Pedometers

Two different Omron pedometers.You won’t believe all the tricks today’s pedometer can pull off with the click of a few buttons.

Yes, it’s going to count your steps, but it will also record them – from day to day, month to month, so you can chart your progress.

The word ‘pedometer’ translates from Latin to a literal ‘distance counter’. Thomas Jefferson was proported to use a pedometer in all of his activities and it is also said that Leonardo da Vinci invented one of the very first models. Impressive roots and still being used today by tens of thousands of people around the world.

Today when we speak of a pedometer we generally mean a step counter. The term has become universal. It is important to note however that while some of these small and popular devices do count steps others work by measuring distance that has been travelled. One of the most exciting and recent accomplishments of a distance pedometer is the inclusion to working with Google Maps. Exciting as it may be, the distance counter styles may not be your best choice for fitness purposes.

For fitness purposes – especially if you are walking for fitness – you’ll want a step counter. These gadgets work best through their utilization of a pendulum mechanism that moves up and down as you take a step. Although pedometers may vary in sensitivity and quality most of them give a pretty accurate reading.

What else can a pedometer do? It all depends on the features you choose. Find one that plays music, tracks caloric burn, functions as a stop watch, connects to your home or work computer and via software tracks your progress and suggests new workout routines or walking routes to take to increase your level of fitness.

Some of the higher end units have pulse meters, FM radios, user-defined pace setting function, a heart rate monitor and, coming very soon, motivational messages and music selection based on a workout’s pitch. Since no one pedometer has been created to perform all these functions in one tiny gadget you’ll want to first decide which features are most important to you – then you’ll need to decide how much you have in your budget.

Don’t worry though they aren’t all that expensive. In fact the newest, most high tech pedometer to hit the market in years will be selling for just a little over $100 next month but if you just want a full-featured, highly regarded, accurate pedometer without the music check out our favorite in the sidebar at right. This Omron HJ-112 is a digital pocket pedometer currently selling at less than $25. This unit has held its place in the marketplace as being the #1 best selling pedometer since 2004 (2005). A close second costs a few dollars more (under $35) and made by the same company. Check out the Omron HJ-720ITC.

If there is some feature you’d like to see or buy in a pedometer but can’t find any information here on the topic please use the contact form below. We will help you fnd it!